February, 2014: Crystal Canyon Dash

Play Crystal Canyon Dash

Speed through a canyon in space to blast rocks and collect energy crystals.

    • Hold left mouse button to move ship and shoot.
    • Avoid obstacles.
    • Break up glowing rocks to release energy crystals.
    • You get a bomb for every 20 crystals collected.
    • Launch a bomb by clicking the button in the lower left corner.
    • Bombs clear the screen and restore your health.
    • Levels get harder forever.
    • Retry your top level as much as you like.

January, 2014: CANDY & spiders

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      • Collect as much candy as you can, as fast as you can!
      • Reach a Sugar Rush and eat EVERYTHING!
      • Beware the Sugar Crash that follows… (hint: the cure is candy).
      • As your need for sugar grows, so does the spider population!

Play CANDY & spiders

Created for Global Game Jam 2014 and Candy Jam.
Ranked number 38 out of 457 on Candy Jam!
Themes: “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” and “Candy”

December, 2013: One Sky


You only have one planet… and there is only One Sky.
You are a cloud and the caretaker of this little planet. Your job is to keep it healthy by collecting water from the oceans and then growing plants with rain.
Oh… there may also be some settlements popping up, you can ignore those, they’re probably harmless… <.<

“I. Love. This. Game. It’s so simple, at yet a lovely idea and so well executed in the 48 hours.” — Flyinpig5, Ludum Dare

“Really original idea for a fun strategy game. Rotation mechanic is really well done and the graphics well suited. Excellent.” — ashen, Ludum Dare

“Wow – really complex for a 48h job! Nice mechanics, impressive” — somepx, Ludum Dare

Play One Sky


Created for the Ludum Dare 48 hour compo #28.
Theme: “You Only Get One”

What is the idea behind Hellscape’s Games of the Month?

Hellscape Games dedicates 48 hours of every month to creating a new game project. The resulting games of these jams are released to the public for FREE. The most popular Games of the Month have a chance to be developed into full production titles with the feedback of the players guiding the design.

You can find Hellscape’s Games-of-the-Month on itch.io, Kongregate, One Game a Month, Ludum Dare, and Global Game Jam.
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