Escape to Hell is Live!

Hellscape’s game for Ludum Dare 33 has a creature from hell, lots of slime, and many angry farmers.

I got a team together for Ludum Dare 33 with the theme “You are the Monster”, the result is Escape to Hell. Made in just 72 hours!

You are an abomination mistakenly pulled to the surface and must fight through hordes of angry humans, gather magical shards to power a demonic portal, then return home.


Play Escape to Hell!

In an age of darkness, before science and culture had brought enlightenment to humanity, one man’s quest for power brought him to the brink of the demonic plane. Though he would not live to see his greatest accomplishment his death would open a rift and pull through it the greatest terror this land has ever witnessed.

  • Move with WASD or arrow keys.
  • Aim and shoot with the mouse.
  • Use the compass in the lower left to find the next shard.
  • Collect all shards to unlock the portal.
  • Survive and Escape to Hell!

A big thanks to the team for working so hard:

Check out the the game’s Ludum Dare page for comments.

Frickin Lazorz is Live!

Hellscape’s game for Ludum Dare 32 has way too many lasers.

Catching up on posting my jam games, here’s my entry for Ludum Dare 32 with the theme of “An Unconventional Weapon”: Frickin Lazors.

Use your mirror to defend yourself from turrets and reflect their laser beams. But each turret also has a mirror, so watch out!


Play Frickin Lazors!

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move.
  • Aim mirror shield with mouse.
  • Survive as long as you can.

Check out the the game’s Ludum Dare page for comments.

January 2015: spots & shapes

spots & shapes is Live!

Hellscape’s Game-of-the-Month for January, 2015 is minimalist, fast, and addictive.

Using the theme from this years Global Game Jam of “What do we do now?” I made a quick and simple game where the rules frequently change.

Play spots & shapes

How to play spots & shapes:

  • Click on all the spots that match the target color and all the spots that contain the target shape before the spots change.
  • You lose a heart if you miss a target spot or click on a spot that doesn’t match the target color or shape.
  • Survive for as long as you can.

December 2014: Doodle vs Homework

Doodle vs Homework is Live!

Hellscape’s Game-of-the-Month for December, 2014 is a playful platformer.

I recently participated in the 31st Ludum Dare game jam with the theme of “Entire Game on One Screen”, and Doodle vs Homework is the result.Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 7.49.10 PM

Play Doodle vs Homework

  • You are doodle of a little robot and don’t like work, so smack all these numbers off the page.
  • Your creator is fighting back, so avoid the eraser!
  • Move with WASD, Arrows, and Space.
  • Attack with right-Ctrl or Z.

You can comment, rate, and play the original jam version on the game’s Ludum Dare page.

November 2014: Goblin Uprising

Goblin Uprising is Live!

Hellscape’s Game-of-the-Month for November, 2014 is a strategic and chaotic tower defense.

The goblins have stolen a shipment of explosives and are heading this way!

Play Goblin Uprising

  • Defend your base from swarms of suicidal goblins!
  • Carefully plan your preparations before the each attack.
  • Salvage buildings and trees for wood.
  • Build deadly towers and tough walls.
  • Fight with honor, we will not retreat!

October 2014: Depths of Bizkardia – Digital

Depths of Bizkardia is Live!
The Hellscape Game-of-the-Month for October 2014 is a digital version of my popular playable business card.


Play Depths of Bizkardia

Depths of Bizkardia is a random dungeon crawler with monsters, weapons, armor, and a quest for ancient relics, all on a single 3.5 by 2 inch business card.

  • Explore the dungeon by clicking on “?”s.
  • Click and drag to move the map.
  • Battle monsters to collect treasure, weapons, and armor.
  • Retrieve the three ancient relics and escape victorious!

How to get a hard copy:

  • Option 1: Shake my hand, get a free professionally printed copy. Optional, but appreciated: Give me your card.
  • Option 2: Pay what you want, then print and play your own copy. No minimum, all donations appreciated.
  • Option 3: Pay a few bucks, then send me your address to have a professionally printed version mailed to you. Minimum payments shown below. (US only)
    • Number of copies – Minimum price
      1. $3
      2. $5
      3. $6
      4. or more – Contact me.
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September 2014: Chroma Beam

Chroma Beam is Live!
Hellscape’s Game of the month for September 2014 is Chroma Beam, a colorful puzzle game.

Play Chroma Beam

  • Drag the diamonds to make colored lines.
  • Cross lines to mix colors.
  • To Complete each level:
    • Fill all the circles with the matching color.
    • Move each of the diamonds to the matching goal tile.

  • Once you’ve played the game, try to make your own level with the easy-to-use level editor.
  • Share your levels and and I’ll add them to the game!
  • Check back later to play more levels from other players.

August 2014: Spirit Bridge

Spirit Bridge is Live!

Hellscape’s August Game of the Month.

Lost souls are wandering the graveyard and attacking the living!
As the Spirit Bridge, you have the power to sooth these angry spirits, then guide them to a resting place.

Play Spirit Bridge

  • Move with WASD or Arrow Keys.
  • Jump with Spacebar.
  • Focus your lantern on spirits with the left mouse button.
  • Shield yourself with left control or the right mouse button.
  • Your task is complete when you return all of the spirits to tombstones.

Made for Ludum Dare 30 Jam in three days. The theme was “Connected Worlds”.

Check out the Spirit Bridge Ludum Dare page, and all of the 2,539 games made during the event here.

July 2014: Meltdown in 30

Meltdown in 30 is Live!

Hellscape’s July Game of the Month.

The nuclear reactor is on the verge of a meltdown! Collect cooling rods and return them to the central cooling system before the whole place explodes!

Play Meltdown in 30

  • Move with WASD or Arrow Keys.
  • Jump with Spacebar.

This months Game-of-the-Month was made for the Indie Quilt game jam hosted by Game Jolt, a collaborative game project for charity. Game developers submit games that can be completed in 30 seconds and the collection of those games are quilted together to make Indie Quilt the game. Get more info on the Indie Quilt Jam page.