Intergalactic Bubbles Launches onto iOS!

Intergalactic Bubbles is on the App Store!
At long last, mobile Apple gamers can enjoy the same stellar action that Android and PC gamers have been raving about. Intergalactic Bubbles is now LIVE on the iTunes Store. With this launch, you can now blast bubbles through space on iPhone or iPad.

Download Intergalactic Bubbles for iOS right now from the Apple App Store.

Already enjoy Intergalactic Bubbles? Remember to add a review to the new app page so more players can share the fun.

Android users, you can download Intergalactic Bubbles from Google Play.
Windows, Mac, and Linux users, check out the store page on Steam.

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2014 Year of Games

Beginning in December 2013, Hellscape participated in One Game a Month and released a new game every month until January 2015. That’s 14 games in 14 months, and you can play all of them right now. Tell me which ones you like best and the most popular will be promoted to full production.



Hellscape Games on One Game a Month

Intergalactic Bubbles is now available on Desura!


Intergalactic Bubbles is now available on Desura!

Hellscape Games has partnered with Desura to bring Intergalactic Bubbles to their digital game distribution platform. This allows many more people to discover Intergalactic Bubbles and all players of Intergalactic Bubbles will benefit from the great support of Desura’s trusted platform.

Get more info, check out more screenshots, and try out the free demo on the shiny new Intergalactic Bubbles page on Desura.
Intergalactic Bubbles

Don’t forget that if you are a user of the Steam games distribution platform, you can vote for Intergalactic Bubbles to be added to Steam on the Greenlight page.

Intergalactic Bubbles is still in Beta so there is still time to get your copy with the 50% early access discount. Please remember to send me your feedback, as it will be used to improve future versions of Intergalactic Bubbles as well as every other Hellscape Game.

Intergalactic Bubbles: Steam Greenlight Announcement

Intergalactic Bubbles is Live on Steam Greenlight

You can vote right now to have Intergalactic Bubbles added to the Steam Store.

Thanks to all of Hellscape’s great supporters, Intergalactic Bubbles is ready to be on Steam, the largest digital game distribution platform on the planet. But I can’t get it there without your help.

In just 24 hours, we have already gotten to 12% with 698 ‘YES’ votes! Together we can get to 100%.
Log on to Steam and vote for Intergalactic Bubbles on the Greenlight page.

Many thanks to Indie Game Mag for their article on Hellscape’s Greenlight campaign! You can read the full article here.

Please share the news and join the conversation in the Greenlight comments section and on social media. You can also find Hellscape Games on Twitter and Facebook.