How to Play Depths of Bizkardia

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  • Cut out the foldable avatar. Fold the avatar in half so that it can stand up.
  • Cut apart the game tiles.
  • Separate the Dungeon, Treasure, and Personal tiles.
  • Place a Dead End Tile on the table to start the dungeon.
  • Place the Avatar on this starting tile.
  • Shuffle the remaining Dungeon Tiles.
  • Shuffle the Treasure Tiles.
  • Keep the 2 Gauntlets and the 3 Hearts in front of you.


  • Choose a Dungeon tile and an exit that tile to explore.
  • Move the avatar to that tile and draw a random Dungeon Tile.
  • If you draw an Encounter tile, enter combat. After combat, continue exploring.
  • If you draw a path tile, place it at the chosen tile exit then explore again.


  • The player always acts first.
  • Choose whether to attack or flee.
    • To attack, flip all acquired weapons (including gauntlets). The Monster receives damage equal to how many of the Weapons land face up.
      If your damage equals or exceeds the Monster’s strength (the number on its lower right corner), it dies and is discarded.
    • To flee, flip the Monster. If the Monster lands face down you escape; return the Monster to the Dungeon pile.
  • If the Monster is still alive, it attacks the player.
    • Flip acquired Armor and Heart tiles equal to the strength of the Monster. You must use Armor before Heart Tiles. All Armor that lands face down is discarded. All Heart tiles that land face down remain face down in front of you as Damage.
    • If you do not have enough tiles to flip, continue re-flipping Heart tiles, up to the Monster’s strength or until you die.
  • After the Monster has attacked, it is once again the player’s turn.
  • Combat continues until you have killed or fled from the Monster, or you die.


  • Once combat is complete, draw Treasure tiles equal to the strength of the killed Monster. Flip those Treasure Tiles and keep any that land face up. Return any that landed face down to the treasure pile.
  • After resolving combat, you may explore another tile, or if the other Dead End Tile has been found, you may descend further into the dungeon.

Special Encounter Tiles

  • The Treasure Chest tile has Strength 0, does not attack, and always has treasure, no flipping required. :D
  • The Trap tile has Strength 3, but only attacks once, and never has any treasure… :(

Special Treasure Tiles

  • The Health Potion may be used at any time to restore all Hearts (turn all heart tiles face up). Discard the Health Potion after one use.

Descending Further Into the Dungeon

  • The second Dead End tile found is the exit tile of the current dungeon level.
  • Place the Avatar on the exit Tile.
  • Discard all other Dungeon Tiles and reshuffle them into the Dungeon pile, including any discarded Monsters.
  • Shuffle any discarded Treasure Tiles back into the treasure pile.
  • Heal one damaged Heart. (Turn on face down heart face up.)
  • Start exploring the new dungeon level.


  • Collect all 3 Relics, find the exit Dead End Tile, and then exit the Dungeon to return to civilization with your treasure, victorious!


  • If you die, you lose and must start over with nothing.

Bizkardia Main Page

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