Depths of Bizkardia


Depths of Bizkardia is a random dungeon crawler with monsters, weapons, armor, and a quest for ancient relics, all on a single 3.5 by 2 inch business card.

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The Hellscape Game-of-the-Month for October 2014 is a digital version of Depths of Bizkardia you can play in your web browser.

Play and Get Depths of Bizkardia

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How to get a hard copy:

  • Option 1: Shake my hand, get a free professionally printed copy. Optional, but appreciated:  Give me your card.
  • Option 2: Pay what you want, then print and play your own copy. No minimum, all donations appreciated.
  • Option 3: Pay at least $3, then send me your address to have a professionally printed version mailed to you. (US only)

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