Escape to Hell is Live!

Hellscape’s game for Ludum Dare 33 has a creature from hell, lots of slime, and many angry farmers.

I got a team together for Ludum Dare 33 with the theme “You are the Monster”, the result is Escape to Hell. Made in just 72 hours!

You are an abomination mistakenly pulled to the surface and must fight through hordes of angry humans, gather magical shards to power a demonic portal, then return home.


Play Escape to Hell!

In an age of darkness, before science and culture had brought enlightenment to humanity, one man’s quest for power brought him to the brink of the demonic plane. Though he would not live to see his greatest accomplishment his death would open a rift and pull through it the greatest terror this land has ever witnessed.

  • Move with WASD or arrow keys.
  • Aim and shoot with the mouse.
  • Use the compass in the lower left to find the next shard.
  • Collect all shards to unlock the portal.
  • Survive and Escape to Hell!

A big thanks to the team for working so hard:

Check out the the game’s Ludum Dare page for comments.

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