July 2014: Meltdown in 30

Meltdown in 30 is Live!

Hellscape’s July Game of the Month.

The nuclear reactor is on the verge of a meltdown! Collect cooling rods and return them to the central cooling system before the whole place explodes!

Play Meltdown in 30

  • Move with WASD or Arrow Keys.
  • Jump with Spacebar.

This months Game-of-the-Month was made for the Indie Quilt game jam hosted by Game Jolt, a collaborative game project for charity. Game developers submit games that can be completed in 30 seconds and the collection of those games are quilted together to make Indie Quilt the game. Get more info on the Indie Quilt Jam page.

Intergalactic Bubbles is now available on Desura!


Intergalactic Bubbles is now available on Desura!

Hellscape Games has partnered with Desura to bring Intergalactic Bubbles to their digital game distribution platform. This allows many more people to discover Intergalactic Bubbles and all players of Intergalactic Bubbles will benefit from the great support of Desura’s trusted platform.

Get more info, check out more screenshots, and try out the free demo on the shiny new Intergalactic Bubbles page on Desura.
Intergalactic Bubbles

Don’t forget that if you are a user of the Steam games distribution platform, you can vote for Intergalactic Bubbles to be added to Steam on the Greenlight page.

Intergalactic Bubbles is still in Beta so there is still time to get your copy with the 50% early access discount. Please remember to send me your feedback, as it will be used to improve future versions of Intergalactic Bubbles as well as every other Hellscape Game.

June 2014: March of the Killbots

March of the Killbots is Live!

The killbots are swarming and you have nothing but an emergency teleporter!

It’s a good thing the bots are so dumb that they don’t even avoid each other.


Play March of the Killbots


  • Move in 8 directions with QWE ASD ZXC or 789 456 123 Keys.
  • Teleport to a random location with Space or number 0 key. (Danger!)
  • Make bots run into each other to kill them.
  • Survive as long as you can.

This game is in the style of the classic Robots, one of the game types that is very nostalgic for me. I played a version called Daleks (i.e. Dr. Who) on a black and white screen in the late ’80s. That memory is probably why I’ve made a few games with the same base mechanics over the years since then.