December, 2013: One Sky


You only have one planet… and there is only One Sky.
You are a cloud and the caretaker of this little planet. Your job is to keep it healthy by collecting water from the oceans and then growing plants with rain.
Oh… there may also be some settlements popping up, you can ignore those, they’re probably harmless… <.<

“I. Love. This. Game. It’s so simple, at yet a lovely idea and so well executed in the 48 hours.” — Flyinpig5, Ludum Dare

“Really original idea for a fun strategy game. Rotation mechanic is really well done and the graphics well suited. Excellent.” — ashen, Ludum Dare

“Wow – really complex for a 48h job! Nice mechanics, impressive” — somepx, Ludum Dare

Play One Sky


Created for the Ludum Dare 48 hour compo #28.
Theme: “You Only Get One”

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