Intergalactic Bubbles


Intergalactic Bubbles

Available now for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Get it now from SteamGoogle Play, and itch.io!



Blast your way through space in this innovative 3D bubble shooter! Bounce, bobble, swing, and explode bubbles across the universe. Intergalactic Bubbles advances the classic match-3 genre into the 21st century with stellar graphics, 3D action, and upgrades.

  • Sectors full of levels provide hours of bubble blasting challenges.
  • Upgrade your abilities to enhance your play style.
  • Use power bubbles alone or combine them to unleash devastation.


2014 Year of Games

Beginning in December 2013, Hellscape participated in One Game a Month and released a new game every month until January 2015. That’s 14 games in 14 months, and you can play all of them right now. Tell me which ones you like best and the most popular will be promoted to full production.



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